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  1. Hello Everyone,
    I need some help. A friend of mine is moving to the florida area. (Port Richie) She would like to continue her love of taking care of the elderly. She has a Michigan certification. Heres the question..
    Is her Michigan certification still good or does she have to get a florida certification? and what does she have to do if she needs a florida certification? Can someone help with the right information?
    Thank-you, your all :angel2: sent from above. bye for now....

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  3. by   NICU_RNwantsFL
    Hi - you don't mention what your friend DOES - is she a nurse?
    If so, then yes, she has to have a nursing license in the state she practices in.
    She needs to contact the Florida State Board of Nursing (sorry, don't have the website but it should come up if you type it into a search engine) to see what Florida's licensing requirements are.