NEED QUICK ANSWER re staff schedules in panhandle

  1. Help, new DON has informed staff that ALL HOSPITALS/NURSING HOMES in the area (FL panhandle) have changed scheduling. She will be cutting the 7th shift from all nursing staff next month. Currently we work 7 12 hour shifts, 3 one week and 4 the next. This results in 7 hours of overtime per pay period.

    This cut will work out to 18% loss in wages to each member of the staff that is currently full time. I believed her when she said 36 hour week is considered full time, but my question is this: DOES ANYONE STILL WORK 7 12 hr SHIFTS??????

    Please just respond yeah or nay, and tell me what facility you are at--I have to speak at the hospital board meeting on Tues and need some ammo!!!!

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  3. by   NurseyPoo
    I work 6 - 12 hour nights. Anything above and beyond the 72 hours is considered overtime at my facility.
  4. by   rjflyn
    We work seven twelves. My question is that if a facility is short staffed wont this exacerbate the problem. Its just going to create more shifts to cover and most places have a hard enough time covering what they have.