Need guide for applying for license in FLORIDA

  1. Calling all pinoy nurses who could share their experience regarding how to apply for license in FLORIDA. I have read the instructions in FL BON,but still a little bit confuse ...
    and a step by step guide in how can I make it until they approve me to take NCLEX. please help me up guys. thanks
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  3. by   parrotheadKatie
    I don't know what you are talking about. But I have sent my fingerprints into the board of nursing through an fingerprint agency and am waiting to here back. I think I might have to come down there and do it again. I hope that is not the case. Have lots of job offers.
  4. by   Gabriel13
    I am currently licensed as an RN in Pennsylvania and am applying for my Florida license. I am using an agency based out of Tallahassee (state capital) that helps professionals get their Florida state licenses. If you have special circumstances, such as being from another country, you might want to use them. They have an ongoing relationship with the Florida Board of nursing and a lot of experience in dealing with them. If you want to learn more, you can message me. So far it has been a positive experience.
  5. by   Philippines2015
    I currently PASSED NCLEX RN last week. First thing to do is to pick one of the agency for credential evaluation. I had my credential evaluated by JOSEF SILNY. Their office is in Florida. Then get the list of requirements from josef website that you need to request from your school. The cost of their credential evaluation is 300 PLUS 20 dollars for a copy to be send to FL BON. You have to get the form from their website and filled it up, signed it and send it to JOSEF SILNY. Because they will not accept your application unless they get the signed FORM from you. Then print out the form that the school need to fill up. Any further questions email me:
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