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Hi! Just wondering if there are any other native Floridians here on this BB. I was born and raised in Florida. It is a rare occasion to meet other people, especially my age (over 35), who are born... Read More

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    Quote from pedineuronurse
    not only a native floridian here; but an actual real life native miamian, we actually do exist
    Born at Mount Sinai on Miami Beach,raised in North Miami Beach,lived in Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale until 1995,when the drive-by shootings got too close.Now live in the woods justm outside the Osceola National Forest and even that is not the "real"Florida I grew up with. I am a half century old,some people refer to me as a Miccosukee-Seminole(I am neither)you can't get much more native than that.