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  1. Did anyone here attend, or know someone who did, Miami Dade College's accelerated RN program for college grads? Any thoughts?
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  3. by   szelda
    I am in my 3rd semester (out of 4) at MDC. It is an excellent, AFFORDABLE program! I was in the accelerated and decided the pace was too fast and switched to the generic program. It's only 4 months longer than the accelerated with the same degree (ADN). The teachers are dedicated to helping students and you get plenty of chances to choose the clinical sites you want. It's a good idea to also apply for scholarships at MDC because not many nursing students do and money accumulates at the end of the year due to lack of interest for them (again, it is an affordable school for those who need assistance in paying tuition and books).

    Also, not many people know this but MDC just got approved on the college level for a new BSN program and is now awaiting approval from the state. They're looking at offering the program in Fall/Spring of 2008. Even if you apply now for an earlier entry date, MDC students willl likely get offered seats for the BSN program.

    One last thing --- it's best to enter the program in the Fall then in the Spring. This way, you don't get stuck taking Med-Surg in the summer (which is killer).

    Hope this helps!
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    Thank you so much for your response!
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    did anyone here attend, or know someone who did, miami dade college's accelerated rn program for college grads? any thoughts?
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    i completed the accelerated program in 1991. i fortuantly did not have to work while attending, and in fact they frowned upon it. as i look back, the program was no where near as difficult as nursing is. i belonged to a wonderful study group, read and reread chapters and took many quizzes (mock tests) from the moseby books. you will see that these test questions/answers begin to follow the same theme in each category. in fact, they are fashioned from the nclex exam.

    we began with 50 students and 22 made it through. i think almost all of us passed the nclex the first time. you must put the rest of your life on the back burner, but it was well worth it. i felt well prepared when i finished. umpiron: