Miami Lakes Ed Center Students?

  1. I will be starting the evening PN program in January 2008 (hopefully) at Miami Lakes Edu. Center, and I am wondering if there are any past or present students out there that can tell me about the the school's program, how was the instructor, and what did you find to be the most difficult during the course of the program?

    Also, if somebody can give me some pointers as to what I can do to get ahead start before I actually start would be great. Any other helpful advice would be really appreciated. Thanks and Good Luck to Everyone!

    P.S. Anyone else going to MLEC starting in January?
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  3. by   ex1140

    I graduated Feb 2005. I attended nights and my instructor was Ms. Karen Crider. She was a very good instructor. The whole class was nuts about her, she really cared about her students. She loves to lecture and is strict, but in a....really good kinda way...I would reccommend her to anyone.

    The toughest part of the course for me was pharmacology, by all means brush up on your math. I came to school and left with headaches for weeks. If you are a math wiz then you wont have any problems. The first part of the program is when most people do really well, but by the time you get to the middle and end you're exhausted you may not feel like studying as much. This course requires a lot of studying...I can remember having to give up many a weekend just to stay in my room and study all day long. Critical thinking is no joke, and that will be the basis of your tests towards the middle and end, because you will be in and out of clinicals. We finished our clinicals at Cedars Hospital, but we also went to; Heartland Health Care Center, Miami Childrens, Jackson Memorial, and Palmetto Subacute.

    Because of all the studying I didn't work while I attended, my husband carried the load. However, for those who know that it's their calling all the stress and exhaustion is worth it. I hope your class was better than mine, you will be with most of those classmates for at least a year and around 5 or six months. So, be prepared for whatever...

    After graduation, I worked for Heartland for 6 months before moving on to corrections...currently I am doing agency and corrections, but I hope to be back in school next year for my RN. Being an LPN is interesting, but after about a year or so you get tired of being under the RN and you want to become one. If I could have afforded it I would have by passed LPN and went straight to RN.

    Nursing is a calling so if you believe that its your calling then you are already prepared for this course. Whom God has called he has equipped. I hope that you will have a great experience!
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    Ms. Karen Crider has taught at Miami Lakes Educational Center for more than five years, all of this time as a full-time teacher. She exhibits excellent work ethic and professionalism. It is amazing to find such constant striving to improve in a teacher, when there are virtually no extrinsic motivations or rewards for doing so, is truly admirable. We believe the time has arrived to formally and materially acknowledge Ms. Karen Crider's significant contributions to the school.

    We as a class have been very impressed by Ms. Karen Crider's work in the Nursing arena. As our instructor, she works tirelessly to emphasize objectives and skills of importance, she then takes action to make sure we apply and master them. She spends hours at school teaching IV classes, review classes, as well as night nursing classes. She does this with one goal in mind, produce a competent nurse that knows how to think and apply themselves to the fullest. She also participates in the Health Occupational Students of America fund-raising events to elevate the visibility of the Association and gets other members involved.

    The best reflection of Ms. Karen Crider's skills lies in her student outcome. During the last five years at MLEC, Ms. Crider's didactic graduates have a hiring rate of 100%. Much of this is due to the extensive time and preparation Ms. Crider puts into the student learning experience and professional application of procedures. The passing rate on her last NCLEX Registration Examination was 100% for the didactic graduates and 96% for the coordinated high school students. Nursing graduate evaluations of the program, following clinical or job placements, have consistently been positive.

    In conclusion Ms. Crider is passionate about teaching nursing and improving the quality of health care instruction at the school. As a teacher, she is known for her ability to create a supportive classroom community while still providing a rigorous course. Her teaching ratings are consistently high, you can even find students blogging about her on the internet. Ms. Crider is able to be as effective as she is because she is a passionate nurse, having worked in the field for over 15 years, and even taught college-level nursing classes at Miami Dade College. Her desire to diversify and proficiency in teaching Nursing, has undoubtedly led to her selection as Teacher of the Year.

    Class of Sept. 2008 - Dec. 2009