MDC Fall 2010

  1. Hey everyone,

    The time is coming for all of those starting in Fall 2010. Just wanted to see who is attending which program and what you have accomplished so far and have yet to do. I'll be starting in the Accelerated Program and have already bough my uniform minus the pants and need to pick up my name tag and books from the school. I also keep calling MDC and they still have no concrete information on the appeals to apply for financial aid. Anyone have any information on that?
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  3. by   POMAKYYA
    I have purchased 13 of the 15 books, minus the curriculum. I've purchased my uniform, name tag, minus the shoes & jacket. I have a cheap stethoscope, but debating whether I need to Littmann. Also, I have the second-hand watch. As for appeals, I have not heard anything, but I'm thinking about going to ask for a short-term loan because I have to pay for classes as of 8/19/10 or they'll get dropped...
  4. by   calissto31
    I feel you I had to pay on the 12th and that put quite a dent in the credit card until the loan comes through. I am going this week to pick up my name tag and to get my books. I already got my shoes but am missing the pants for the you know if they are just draw string pants or scrub pants? I'm also trying to figure out what I'm going to wear to school I am so lost on that.
  5. by   POMAKYYA
    My pants are drawstrings, so I'm assuming they're all drawstring.
  6. by   k.sokol
    the pants are not only drawstrings, they are huge
  7. by   POMAKYYA
    Well, I stand corrected...On another note, I went to find out about my appeal and it turns out that the appeal has not taken place for my appeal. I did come across a classmate that advised me that the Retraining Scholarship advertised for the accelerated students will be awarding only 2 awards, which really sucks It's a good thing I did not put all my eggs in one basket!
  8. by   calissto31
    Oh wow that seriously sucks....They said my appeal was in and I am only approved for loans...well gee thanks so I'm getting that process going. We won't need the pants and uniform shirt until clinicals right? What are you all wearing the first day?
  9. by   POMAKYYA
    I'll be wearing long black pants, white blouse, and a pair of closed toe shoes....very simple