JAX Mayo Clinic RN Residency insight?

  1. hello,

    i recently applied for the mayo clinic's rn residency in jacksonville. i know it's VERY competitive and was wondering if anyone has gone through the process before. specifically, what is the "phone screen"--what type of questions do they ask? and how long did it take to hear from them?

    also, what do they look for? my gpa is ok-ish (barely above 3.5), i am a bsn, and had have paid hospital work experience. my biggie negative is that i graduated back in '08 and haven't worked as an rn yet (i elected to join the military, which is what i explained in my cover letter). will four years and no rn job be a no-go? thoughts and insights are appreciated--thanks!!
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  3. by   transplantlife

    I've just graduated from school in Phoenix, AZ and have applied for this go round at Mayo Jax as well. I'm told the phone screen will include some behavioral questions and if we get past that, we'll be interviewed either live or via Skype in front of a panel of the NM's who will be taking us on as new grads. They will choose who they want to take into their unit. Good luck! Hope to see you on the floor someday.
  4. by   hollarz
    just got a call from hr this morning!!! i woke up and saw the missed call and voice mail icon on my screen. i'm going for a jog right now, so i can calm down a bit before calling them back--don't want to sound wayyyyyy too excited! just happy to still be in the running!
  5. by   transplantlife
    I just got a call too and have a phone screening appointment!
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  6. by   hollarz
    congrats!!!! when is yours? mine is tomorrow???? i was surprised that they scheduled it that soon. do you have a fl license yet? i have to change mine from ca and i know it takes awhile but that's why i applied so long ago. she also told me about the skype interview (if i make it that far). i think she said they scored all the applicants and are now calling something like the top 1/3. i was/am concerned about the fact that i graduated like 4 years ago and haven't worked as an rn but since i made it to the top 1/3, they must see something in me which is uplifting. their job announcement said they prefer bsn and hospital work experience and i have both, so that must have helped :-). definitely doing a full out lift and cardio session before the screening, so i am nice and relaxed :-).
  7. by   transplantlife
    Well, I'll do without the lifting and cardio workout thanks... my phone screen completed and I thought it went well. Now onto finding out if I make it to the interview process. Good luck, maybe we actually will see each other on the floor someday.
  8. by   Knoxyboy
    what was the phone interview like? what kind of things do they ask?
  9. by   hollarz
    transplantlife, i was wondering if you could give me some tips as well. i read in another post of yours that you are/were military, like myself. did they seem interested in hearing about that? what did they want to know; i.e. background, behavioral questions, clinical questions. how long did it take? any help would be really appreciated. if you feel more comfortable, you can email me at my personal email: hollarz@yahoo.com. thanks so much!!
  10. by   hollarz
    or you can pm me on this site. thanks again.
  11. by   hollarz
    Quote from Knoxyboy
    what was the phone interview like? what kind of things do they ask?
    it was really short. mine was 18 min. but that's because i asked questions and did a bit of chit chatting at the end. i think she reviews your info and asks some people different questions. like for me, she asked about my other job/ if availability would be an issue. also goals and general resume discussion (pretty much what the screening scheduler lady said). for others, she discussed different things (not going into detail with this because it's not my info to share). hope this helps.
  12. by   suejax
    Did anyone get an actual interview scheduled?
  13. by   transplantlife
    I was eliminated this past Wed. I made it through the first round of cuts but there were only 14 slots available and more than 50 of us to narrowed down for the final interviews. Original applicants were more than 250 I believe.
  14. by   leigh1203
    By 14 slots, do you mean 14 jobs available?