Is anyone here starting Valencia RN program in Fall 2013?

  1. I am starting this to hopefully meet some other students, to get more knowledge from others and share information. I can't wait to start, and it will be 2 years of waiting this Fall!! Thank you and good luck to everybody
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  3. by   crna2me
    Hello! I'm starting in the Fall. Such a loooong wait! I hope to hear something from the school soon. I keep thinking they forgot about me or something :/
  4. by   Josiee
    I will be starting in fall 2013! Cant wait to start its been so long!
  5. by   crna2me
    I'm wondering about the costs involved. I have a bachelors already.
  6. by   Josiee
    When I went to the info session they said the estimated total cost for nursing RN program is $10,000. This excludes books.
  7. by   atyrell
    Is anyone going to apply for the Ucf/Vc concurrent program for the fall?
  8. by   Heidilevi1980
    Great! I was going to apply to the concurrent program, but I hear its really intense. I think our orientation is in June or July. Has anyone heard?
  9. by   atyrell
    I'm going to Valencia as a back up plan if I don't get into the basic at Ucf. But either way I am so excited to get started with a nursing program . I want to go all the way for my masters, but well see lol.
  10. by
    Has anyone been called to start the program early?
  11. by   nursepractioner2be
    Hi guys, I hope all is well. I'm starting fall 2013 as well I'm excited and scared at the same time. I have a bachelor and working currently, but I have to quit my job once I start the program. They did send me an email to start in Spring 2013, but I couldn't at the time so I'm hoping and praying I get an invite for the Summer 2013. Good luck to you all.
  12. by   nursepractioner2be
    I would like to know if anyone starts early. I got an email to join for spring 2013, but I was not ready. I would love to start this summer.
  13. by   Josiee
    I would like to start in the summer also but I'm not sure how far down the list I am.
    nursepractioner2be: Do you know if they started sending emails for this summer?
  14. by   Heidilevi1980
    I got an email saying there was open seats for spring 2013, by the time I got the email there were already filled. Hopefully more will open up for summer