I would LOVE some imput, please!

  1. HI everybody, I would like to ask anyone who has knowledge on this subject to give me some imput- I am graduating from High School this year and want to get my BSN. I have been accepted into Pensacola Christian for the fall semester but am getting cold feet. I'm just not sure if that environment is well suited for me and my family. I have read bad things about PJC so i'm not looking into them but am quite interested in University of West Florida. I am looking for information about the quality of their program. I know PCC's program is good but as I said, just not sure about it. Any imput is much appreciated! Thank you so much.

    Lydia Tucker
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  3. by   LeavingTeaching4RN
    I don't know anything about those schools. However, you may want to check the school's NCLEX success rates on the Florida Board of Nursing website. The NCLEX is the exam that you must pass to get you license. I don't know the website off the top of my head, but you can google it.
  4. by   snapdragon2192
    I graduated from PJC and it is what I would call a "self taught nursing school". UWF has a great program and so does PCC. If you have already been accepted to the PCC program I would go for it. I think it has the best NCLEX pass rate of all of the schools in this area and the students that I have worked with that have graduated from their seem to know their stuff............You have to make the decision however, good luck with which ever road you decide to take.