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  1. Hey fellow Nursing Student! I'm writing a research paper on The integrity of a nurse: Cheating in Nursing School. Can you guys help me and give me some of your opinions on cheating? What do you think about cheating in nursing schools? Would you do it? Everything will be kept anonymous, so please be trustful!
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  3. by   aquarius11
    I have recently graduated from nursing school and was in a situation where a student was expelled from college and not allowed to attend any other state schools d/t cheating. This student had good intentions that backfired terribly. The student sent out information to other students who thought she was just emailing notes from the previous semester, but this student actually had a copy of the answers to the test. Anyone who received the email was tracked down and was interigated. Other people were mad because they had put in many hours of their time studying and did not realize that the email they received was actually all of the answers to the test until they started taking the test. After that the nursing department went to great lengths to thwart cheating (no water bottles or and drink containers allowed at desks during tests b/c some people were writing the answers on the inside of the labels, no hats, no electronic devices, no coats, assigned seating for tests, etc.) Anyway I personally always felt that it would be ridiculous to cheat since you are dealing with patient's lives for a living and this info. that u are learning will probably help u in the long run. Just a thought-Many nurses wish to have the same experience as doctors, such as how they stick up for one another rather than eating their own, what would happen to a med student if they were caught cheating?