Hi from Jacksonville, trying to get into nursing school....help!!!

  1. Hi I am from Jacksonville Florida and I am currently in the beginning process of trying to get into nursing school. I need lots of advice I am not sure how things work or really what direction to head. I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 10.....I want more than anything to become a nurse working with obstetrics. Can I do that with an LPN? or do I have to be an RN? If anyone has helpful advice for me I would GREATLY appreciate it
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  3. by   jenb_nursing_student
    Do you mean you want to be a certified nurse midwife? To do that first you have to go through nursing school and you become an RN. Then to become a midwife it is a whole different process. I'm not sure exactly how much extra schooling it is. I'm sure a midwife would be able to answer your questions better than I. Good luck with trying to get into nursing school, I myself, am doing the same! I've been working on my prequisites now for a year...it is such a long process. Best wishes!
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    Ok, thanks! So basically once I finish nursing school will I have to go get more schooling for the obstetrics field?? Do I need to get my cnm?? I thought once I finished school I could go right to work in the L & D, so that's not true??:smackingf
  5. by   jenb_nursing_student
    Here are the prequisites for a Nurse-Midwife program:
    *A bachelor's degree
    *Current license to practice as an RN in one of the 50 us states.
    *1 or 2 years nursing experience
    *A miniuim gpa of 3.0

    Now that is if you want to be a certified midwife, you'd have to take a course, most run one or two years...which isn't too bad. Then you must take a certification exam and the national board exam.

    Now once you get your RN you can apply for work maybe at a hospital on the maternity floor? Or a birthing center? I had a baby last month and there were some wonderful nurses that worked on the maternity floor and they need CNA's too. So if you have your CNA you can even start now!

    Now you don't have to be a midwife to work in obstetrics but if you want to work more in-deopth with pregnant women then this is the way to go. Not to mention the base-pay is (about) 80k, compared the the (about) the 40k that RN's make.
    This is what I would do:
    1. Maybe get your CNA if you don't already have it
    2. Get a job at a hospital working on the maternity floor while you work through school (This looks good on applications because you have some nursing experience)
    3. Focus on your prequisites for nursing school, get good grades because they accept people with the best grades first!
    4. Get your associates in Nursing
    5. Get work as an RN
    6. Continue your education through online, class, or distant learning to get your Bachelors.
    7. Get into ACNM school!

    So your looking at about maybe 6 years of school? I think they should make more money for all that schooling. hehe.
  6. by   jenb_nursing_student
    There is also a Nurse-Midwifery board on here, maybe you want to check them out, and ask them some questions. They can probably give you a lot of insight!