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FYI: The herzing institute in orlando has been provisionally approved by the BON for their nurisng program...so they are now offer an RN program coco... Read More

  1. by   MRECIO
    Don't waste your time with Herzing!! They are not accredited yet and you won't be able to get a nursing job at a decent hospital. The director of the program is a total ***** and she feeds on making others miserable she forgets that our money pays her bills. Go to Florida Hospital Nursing program instead. Herzing is a waste of time
  2. by   allrn
    As a recent graduate from the Herzing University Nursing program in Madison, WI I can say it was rought at first, there were some position changes directly prior to beginning. Therefore, there was some definite disorganization, but overall the faculty was there to help and wanted the students to do well. Go in with a positive attitude! My clinicals were awesome! Got to do many things MATC and UW students did not (by speaking with fellow nursing students). It is incredibly exspensive, but you get done so fast... I sat for my boards in early June, passed at 75 questions, and have a job. Students need to be accountable for the material that is expected for them to learn also, so you cannot always blame the staff....Be positive, and remember that the nursing profession is all about flexibility!