Has anyone take the NAT yet?????

  1. Has anyone take the NAT yet????? I going to take next week. I'm a little scared in taking it. I don't know what to except. Please let me know how was it....
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  3. by   Candy47
    Hi there! I just took the NAT last week at FCCJ and it went really well. I hardly studied the health entrance exam book that's available, and I still did great. For the arithmatic you should basically know how to calculate a percentage, and things like that. A sample math question was "If syringes are 9 and 1/2 cents, how many can you buy for 68 cents?" The tricky part is answering all 90 questions of the academic aptitude in the time they give you. Trust me, you cannot linger too long on a single question! Answer it and move on. I had to guess at the last half of my math questions due to the time running out. A guess is better than no answer at all, you can still get points for a good guess! Try to work as fast as you can in the reading comp section, and just make sure you're on top of your anatomy info. Know your hormones, and enzymes. I hope this helped, and good luck!
  4. by   Candy47
    Oh yeah! You should also know who invented the x ray machine. This isn't cheating, right?
  5. by   yari77
    How was the Vocab part??????
  6. by   Candy47
    The verbal section and the spelling section were pretty tough. If you were to study the handbook for anything I would say study it for the spelling. I'm a great speller and there were still words that I have never seen before. On the verbal section, having the other words to compare against really helps. Don't overthink it, go with your instincts.