Got into MDC Accelerated Prog Jan '07

  1. Hello out there,

    I am so happy to announce that I just got my acceptance letter for Miami Dade College's Accelerated Program that starts this January of 2007. I've been applying for over a year and never had luck till now!!! I got into Barry and was ready to attend (had loans approved and all), but I just turned them down!! MDC here I come!! Orientation is Dec 5th. Anyone else out there accepted?? Email me as I don't know a single soul!!! Bye!!:spin:
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  3. by   josy151
    Hi there yuca799!
    Your post is rather old but I'm hoping that you still visit this site. I am applying for MDC's accelerated program that starts in January 2008. I just wanted to ask you how it's going so far and how challenging was your first semester? What was your major for your bachelor degree? What was your GPA?
    Thanks in advance for any information that you can provide!

  4. by   yuca799
    Hi there,

    Yeah, I'm surviving the AO program here at MDC. We started out with about 40 students are we are now at about 30. We're wrapping up Med-Surge now. Our final exam is on June 1st and then we're off to OB and PEDS for June and July. It has been the most difficult, stressful experience of our lives. It goes so fast that you feel like your being left behind sometimes. If I had gotten into the generic program (my GPA was only a 3.3) I think I would have done better. It's much slower and you can actually have a life. My BS is in Accounting. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. Most of my classmates come from the financial, insurance, airline industries. Only 4 people in our class have actual medical backgrounds. It's amazing the variety of people that you'll see here. Most of us are changing our careers. It's intense, but doable. Nothing in this life is impossible. BUT, I do suggest that anyone entering the AO program NOT work. You can't really work (unless you have a mindless job that allows you to study while you work) and be successful in this particular program. It is really hard, but like I said, doable. If I'm still here (and I had no background in the medical field), anyone can do it. if you have any other questions, feel free to email me at

    Have a great day! Yuca:spin:
  5. by   vina2550
    YUCA Congrats on getting accepted I just applied for LPN program at mdc on May 1st dont think they will accept me i passed cnet but not with a high enough score to get in (that what the advisor told me, i still applied anyways) Still waiting for the letter very painfull to have to wait 2-3 months to know if you made it or not I still have hope though. Good luck to you and hope by now you have made some new friends.