Going crazy with all these applications!

  1. Hey all...so last time I posted, I had accepted a spot into Barry's nursing program. I decided to withdraw my enrollment and requested a refund for the $225 that I paid. I applied to FIU (the school, not the program yet..I still need some courses they ask for) and to MDC. Lets keep our fingers crossed. I hope that I am not making a big mistake by not going with Barry. Just way tooo much. I was covered with loans/scholarships/grants, however, it was taking up ALL of it.. $765 or so a credit is just way too much for me.

    So, I pray that FIU or MDC wants me.
    For FIU I do not have the intro to nursing nor the communications course that they ask for. So it looks like next Spring for me ;( I so wanted to start this August...I already got into FIU last week, but I haven't applied to the program yet. It's two separate procedures.

    Thanks for listening to me
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  3. by   FutureRN1976
    and not to mention application fees..!
  4. by   GabbsRN
    I mentioned Broward College before, but I can't remember what you felt about it. You can apply to their program up until May 15th for August '09 start time. The only pre-reqs they require are Enc1101, CHM1032 (chem for health professions), BSC1085 and lab (A&P1), and BSC1086 and lab (A&P2).

    You probably have those, and thats what they look at when figuring out your GPA. You do need to have a few other classes done by the time you graduate (humanities/fine arts writing class, micro and the lab, and a behavioral science), but you don't need those to apply.

    Good luck with FIU and MDC, and any other schools you apply to.
  5. by   FutureRN1976
    thanx sunraygurl....i have not heard great things about bcc as far as people actually being able to pass their classes these days....kinda scares me. i do have all the pre reqs for them, except for that healthcore class....
    where are u attending?
  6. by   GabbsRN
    Oh, yeah, I did forget the health core class. That you would need in order to apply. you can do it in time to apply for Jan, then...but even if you took it at Sheridan Tech, you won't make it in time for August.

    I am currently attending BC North finishing up pre-reqs, and I am applying for August at BC. Honestly, I've heard all the bad things, too, but I don't want to drive long drives, or pay high costs for school, and I don't want to wait to take more pre-reqs to go to another school, so I am just going to deal with BC. Its so close to my house and since I have 2 kids, its important I'm close by.
  7. by   FutureRN1976
    Im glad that you are set on your choice. I am my own worst enemy! I do way too many "pros and cons" for every school, hence why Im going nuts here. Thanks again for your input, much appreciated