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Hello to all, I'm interested in the ASN program at fnc. I would like to know the opinions from the current students and grads. I contacted the adm. office and this is what they mention to me.... Read More

  1. by   nonyrn
    Thanks for the advise. I called and spoke w/t an advisor regarding my teas and he said that they will not accept it. I took my teas V in June at mcfatter for the lpn program. He also stated they will not provide me any living assistance funding from the loans. My biggest thing is finding away to finance my self while in school.
  2. by   raquel6687
    Oh wow! what a bad one. i am sorry to hear that. I just got accepted for the jan 2012 program and i'm a bit nervous, I'm not going to lie. I just want to know if anyone has graduated yet and what to expect when they start the program.
  3. by   yanes2011
    raquel6687 well i think that we are going to be classmate i am in the class of january 2012 , mi name is leonardo , well i am nervous as you are because is going to be very hard but we need to have a good group to help each other , so feel free to contact me just in case that you need anything ok raquel .
  4. by   RNstudentRS
    Congrats to raquel6687 @leonardo i was accepted for Aug 12 and ill be done with my classes march do you what can i do to see if i can start on May 12 any advice will be appreciated
  5. by   nonyrn
    Congrats Raquel for getting accepted. I'm trully happy for you. If you dont mind can you please email me with the name of the person that accepted your teas scores from keiser at nony0587@yahoo.com. I have been getting the run around from them.
  6. by   raquel6687
    Oh that's great! RNstudentRS. are you taking any pre-reqs there? I have to the anatomy 1 and nutrition then I start core classes. I wonder how the classes are there! I'm nervous and excited and the same time. Good luck to all!

    @leonardo -congrats to you too. we should definitely get a good group to study!
  7. by   RNstudentRS
    raquel6687 i took almost all my pre-req at FNC now I'm taking Ant & Phy II and micro online which is super easy. Well good luck and keep us posted

    @nonryn i recommend you to talk to Luigi or Mr. Mares maybe they can help you good luck.
  8. by   raquel6687
    Oh thats great! yeah i already took anatomy 2, super easy. how long are the pre-reqs? i heard something about 2 months or so., not sure If I'm right
  9. by   RNstudentRS
    Yeah for 2 months, Di you already went to the orientation? when you do please let me know how it is! i cant wait to start. Im hoping maybe i can start in may
  10. by   raquel6687
    No I have not gone yet. I'm going to the school on tuesday to turn in paperwork ( license, diplomas, etc) and i think they will tell me about orientation then? do you know when it is lol? I have no idea! How did you find out you got accepted into the nursing and what did they tell you about the orientation? srry so many questions, i'm just a bit confused
  11. by   RNstudentRS
    I did my teas Test, i got and 86 % and then i submitted all my paperwork from MDC and later that week i had the interview and that same day they told me i was accepted for 8/12 , as for the orientation i have no idea how does it works Leonardo maybe can help you with that dont worry we all have millions of questions hopefully all those question are answered during orientation lol I'm always on constant communication with my student rep to make sure I'm on the right path.
  12. by   raquel6687
    Thats great! so i just found out that I will also be starting in Aug 2012, and I' ve been put on the wait list for May. I have to do my anatomy I and Nutrition, and I was going to you (RstudentRS) how are the classes online? YOu had said it was easy, but I just wanted to make sure, because i'll do them online as well. Im very excited to start! I start my 2 science classes in january and nursing core hopefully in may or august!
  13. by   RNstudentRS
    Well we are on the same boat now , hopefully we can be in the same group in may or Aug .