Florida A&M University Nursing Fall 2012

  1. Has anyone applied for FAMU fall 2012 yet?
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  3. by   kyliemt
    Quote from Joy Brittney
    Has anyone applied for FAMU fall 2012 yet?
    Yes I just applied May 14th (very close to the deadline) but i haven't gotten an email confirming that they received my application yet. Have you?
  4. by   Joy Brittney
    Yes @Kyliemt. U mailed yrs? Is this ur first time applying? U nervous?
  5. by   Joy Brittney
    No I haven't got an email confirming either. I turned it in in person though.....
  6. by   hershey45
    I got an email confirming that they received my application. They said that they are going to be making their decisions on August 10, and that they will be doing interviews. I am worried because the last orientation day at FAMU is July 31st. I am a transfer student, so I will need to attend orientation. However, if we do not know if we are accepted yet, then what are we supposed to do. I live about 4 hours away so its not like I can drive there any time. Is anyone else worried about this problem?
  7. by   Joy Brittney
    @Hershey45 I would look more into if u have to go to the transfer student orientation.... Knowing famu there might be a loop hole around that since ur applying to the program and won't know if u will be attending or not depending on ur acceptance..
  8. by   Alisha00
    Hello Everyone first time posting. so here goes. Has anyone recieve their interview notice from Famu for fall 2012 and if so what should i expect. I've just received my email informing me that i need to call and set up a time for this interview.
  9. by   Alisha00
    yes i've applied and just got my notice for interview. hope i do well
  10. by   Joy Brittney
    @alisha00 when did u set up ur interview? Did they call u?
  11. by   Alisha00
    July 9th
  12. by   Alisha00
    July 9th, and yes they did call.
  13. by   Alisha00
    Did not make it in, but was accepted in FSCJ nursing program.
  14. by   Allstars
    Hey Guys I am thinking about applying for the program in the spring can those in the program tell me what to expect..How long should my essay be and GPA I am so scared because I really want to get in.