FHCHS Acceptance Rate??

  1. Hello All,
    Just curious if anyone on here is a current ADN student at FHCHS or in the process of applying. I am 3 classes away from being finished with my pre-reqs for nursing and applying now for FHCHS and SCC to start in the Fall 2009. I was reading through some old posts that people with a 3.70 GPA were being denied at FHCHS, does anyone know if this is true??? I have a 4.0 right now so not so worried about it, but I am also 31 yrs old and looking to get on with my nursing career. Also do they only except a certain number of students into the nursing school per semester, if so anyone know that number. I'm not even bothering with VCC because I don't have another yr of my life to spare on a waiting list. SCC is my second choice, since I have heard the clinicals are not as good. Thanks for the help.
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  3. by   yenid0327
    I'm doing the same thing, did you get in SCC or FHCHS?
  4. by   carolina5506

    I have the same question...so Please if anyone can give us a little bit information, it will be great... did you finally get into VCC or FHCHS??
    Also I am kind of confused, since I was going to start the LPN in Orlando Tech in January in order to get into the RN faster in Valencia or other college... I am 3 classes away .. but for FHCHS I am 6, since they require Religion and fitness... Which way do you recommend me??
    I really appreciate your input..

    Good luck with everything! =D