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  1. Has anyone else applied for the LPN program at Florida Gateway College in Lake City, FL to start in January? I am so nervous waiting to find out if I got in!!
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  3. by   sammiesoda
    I did, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up. I had an advisor make me take a class so I could get my AA which gives you exemption from the TABE, then denied my AA because I didn't have enough credit hours at that school...I had sent in my application early saying that my AA was pending...now when they check it'll say denied. Eh :/ Good luck to you though
  4. by   Tiffany110207
    Oh, no! Hopefully you will still get in. There are other ways of getting points so maybe that will make up for it. Did you do good on your HESI exam? & thanks, I will have my fingers crossed for you too!
  5. by   sammiesoda
    Yeah I know, but I'm not sure if I still even qualify without the tabe. I did okay on the hesi,... I took it last year before the rn apps were due, I got like an 84 I think. I didn't do so got on the bio part lol guess I should have studied more. How about you?
  6. by   Tiffany110207
    Hopefully it will. I got a 98 on the HESI, but I am still nervous! I am also applying in Madison for RN though so I'm just hoping to get into at least one. FGC said they will have acceptance letters mailed out by Nov 15th, but that seems so far away!
  7. by   sammiesoda
    WoW! A 98 is an awrsome score for the HESI. You should also apply to FGCs rn program i knew ppl last semester who got in with 89's-91'sHonestly with a 98 on the hesi you should have no problems at all getting into any fgc program. No need to be nervous I'm also trying to get into the RN program at FSCJ and I have a good point score there so I'm crossing my fingers for that. I figure if I don't get in somewhere this spring then I'll just work as a cna for a few months. It's getting harder and harder for no exp for ppl like me. (I took most my classes out of county, so local schools don't want to accept me whereas the out of county schools are either private or county biased).
  8. by   Tiffany110207
    Thanks, that makes me feel a little bit better. I had repeated some of my main nursing classes though so I don't have the best transcript and like you, I took my courses all out of county. (Santa Fe College) I'm finding that most counties favor their own students, but I didn't get in at SFC. I would love to do RN at FGC, but I don't want to wait til next August to start so I figured LPN by the time I bridge would have me finishing at the same time and allow me to take money for a year. Luckily NFCC's RN program also starts in January, but they won't take my HESI score. I have to retake it there with the Anatomy section and I'm worried I won't luck out again. Hopefully you will be accepted at LEAST one program. Either one is a good start! I haven't decided which program I would actually accept over the other. Maybe by January this forum discussion will be what we need to do & buy for our programs! **praying**
  9. by   sammiesoda
    I know what you mean, that's why I applied for LPN. That way if need be I could bridge. You should also apply to FSCJ, they have a 16 mOnth nursing program, a new one (sometimes 2...1 day 1 night) start every semester and they reserve 10% of their seats for out of county, it's a long drive but I think it'll be worth it. Especially since you get to put in for your top choice for clinical locations and you have to do time at northeast Florida hospital in Macclenny. It's tops 4 days a week worth of driving, 3 days if you take pharmacology online 1st semester. As far as the retakes, they only care about your most recent attempt (at least they're all supposed to). I think it's so unfair about all the county bias though, I think fair is fair, the best are the best. Eesh, starting to get myself riled up lol I bet you'll do fine on the hesi again, after all a 98 isn't exactly lucking out, it seems to me you'd have to know the material to do that well where's NFCC? I hope things work out for you too, i think it's clear you really care about this ( or you wouldn't have found this site lol.... That's how a bunch of the girls on the FSCJ posts feel... You find the site if you are trying really hard to get somewhere). It really bugs me that I've met so many people who've gotten into programs that either don't care or treat it like it's no big deal. SO many people want it more than them but can't get in because of stupid crap like which school you went to and where you live
  10. by   Tiffany110207
    Ugh, I know! Most people are wanting to go into nursing for the wrong reasons too. I feel that good grades & where you live aren't exactly what makes you a good nurse. Is FSCJ in Jacksonville? I wanted to apply to UNF, but it is a really long drive. If it's less days of driving though it may be worth checking into. NFCC is in Madison. It's a really small school so I liked that, but I don't know too much about the school itself. I live in Lake City so it's still an hour away, but I've been driving that to go to Santa Fe anyways. I know that at FGC if you have taken certain classes like anatomy, dev psych, nutrition and have your CNA, it pretty much knocks out half of your first semester since you are exempt from those classes. It would take away alot of extra class work since you would only have 2 classes instead of 6 in your first semester. I feel that LPN would be a better ease into nursing, but everyone is telling me that LPN is pointless since they are doing away with them & since they get paid alot less than RNs. Do you live in Lake City too?
  11. by   sammiesoda
    I live in glen st Mary, FSCJ is in Jacksonville, the nursing classes are held at north campus and some semesters at deerwood but they never tell you until you get your acceptance letter. I know what you mean about the drive though, theres nothing out this way! Lol I've heard that about LPN's too but I don't think it's a right away thing. I just think that most of the jobs available will be at like nursing homes and stuff instead of hospitals. My friends mom is bridging to rn because of it. At fgc you get a lot of points for working as a cna they care about experience there, FSCJ us way more about grades and this Nursing Aptitude Test ( which isn't that bad). Out of 260 available points experience only accounts for 20. Do you have all your pre reqs and coreqs? I've just completed mine this past summer so that if I do get in somewhere I only have to worry about the nursing stuff.
  12. by   Tiffany110207
    Oh, that's good. Too bad it wasn't closer! I think that's mostly where LPNs work too. I would be fine working at a physicians office though because I want to work in OB. Not sure if I will like Labor & Delivery, but I think neonatal or working with pregnant women before labor would be fun. Do you know what type of nursing you want to do? I have all my pre reqs and co reqs done. I finished my AA last semester, but went over & ended up with credit hours. I started my bachelors this semester in Health Services Administration just to kill time though until I get into the program, but if I do RN I think I'd rather have my bachelors in nursing. I think it will be better for you having all the classes done so that you can focus more on core classes. I kinda wish I had not got my AA & just focused on the classes to get into RN or LPN. Looking back I could have been done by now & not be stressing for another 51 days to get my letter. (But whose counting?!)
  13. by   Tiffany110207
    And the application packet says that if you have completed your prep classes (if needed), have completed a college level math or reading with at least a "C", or have your AA you are exempt from the TABE so you should be okay. =)
  14. by   sammiesoda
    That makes me feel better I'm actually really into that kind of care too,... But I'm trying to focus on like ER work. UNF has a program for RN to MSN no BSN required with 2 yrs rn work experience. It's supposed to be super competitive though and ER looks best on the app. I kind of know how you feel with ur classes,.. I spent 2 yrs taking classes ( and switching majors many times) before I decided on nursing, so it took another two years to finish pre reqs co reqs and get denied to a program already. So now I have an AA and 20 excess credit hours :/ I haven't decided if I wanna work on bachelors stuff yet, but if I do I'm going to wait until I'm working as an RN cuz everything is comin out of pocket now, financial aid cut me off because of the hours. So if I had started right away I could've already been a nurse for a while too lol waiting is the worst part.