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Has anyone else applied for the LPN program at Florida Gateway College in Lake City, FL to start in January? I am so nervous waiting to find out if I got in!!... Read More

  1. by   Tiffany110207
    Yeah, NFCC gives preference for their area too & only takes twenty something people so I know how you feel. Luckily for FGC I just moved to Lake City. I know 2 years is a long time, but since we both have kids it could be easier going straight to RN instead of having to bridge. Part of me wanted to do LPN though just to be making money, but may not be worth it in the long run. I hope we both get accepted into both programs. It would be nice not having to read a rejection letter, even if we only pick one. lol. I'm ready to start checking the mail, but I know it's pointless til November.
  2. by   sammiesoda
    I know right, rejection letters are such a bummer. I know what you mean about just making money, but from what I understand a lot of places are doing away with LPN's and only taking nurses and like CNA's I guess CNA's and LPN's do a lot of the same work but you don't have to pay CNA's as much
  3. by   sammiesoda
    Hey, I got an acceptance letter for FSCJ today I hope you get in at NFCC!!!!
  4. by   Tiffany110207
    Oh my goodness.. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you & at least your wait ended earlier than expected. I guess you will no longer be waiting for the LPN acceptance! =) Thank you, I REALLY hope I get into NFCC.. and find out soon! lol. Guess this means you can officially begin to shop.
  5. by   sammiesoda
    Thank you Lol yeah, they said we wouldn't get them for weeks. Yeah I guess shipping will need to commence now. I really hope you get in, I know this is an anonymous social network, but you seem real nice. You definitely need to post in here if you get in so I can congratulate you!
  6. by   Tiffany110207
    Thank you! I hope that I find out early like you did.. I've already started "stalking" my mailman for that letter lol. At least I should know about both within the next 2-3 weeks. You have worked hard & deserve it. You seem like a nice person as well. Have you found out when you would get to have orientation and stuff?
  7. by   Tiffany110207
    Well, I didn't get accepted to NFCC on Monday, but luckily I got my acceptance letter for FGC yesterday so I turned in the paper today saying that I accept my seat. Did you get into FGC too? Although I know you're planning to attend the other school. But at least we both got in somewhere! The wait is FINALLY over!
  8. by   sammiesoda
    For whatever reason I never got email notification of your last post but all my stuff is due the 19th and my orientation is dec 3-4. I got my letter from fgc today, denied lol but I'm so glad you got in! It sucks about NFCC but at least you can started and you'll be able to work sooner when do you do orientation and whatnot?
  9. by   sammiesoda
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  11. by   Tiffany110207
    All of my physicals and stuff aren't due til Jan 3rd, but my orientation is Oct. 30th. It's looking like I'm exempt from 4/6 classes during the first semester so I'm happy about that too. I'm not starting my paperwork or shopping til orientation though. I'm so happy we both get to start in January! Guess we will both get to suffer through clinicals! =)
  12. by   sammiesoda
    That's awesome, 4 of 6! From what I've seen I have class three times a week and clinicals one...I'm so excited! I'm sure we will do plenty of suffering though, no way will we go without some unpleasantries in the hospitals lol
  13. by   Tiffany110207
    That's really good! I believe I have class 2 days and clinicals 2 days. But that's after the first month of just classes. I'm sure your clinicals will be way more intense than mine since you're doing RN though. Now I feel like I'm counting down for orientation & nobody in financial aid can tell me if I'm covered for LPN still. At least we should both get half of the summer off to relieve from stress. I'm sure it will be much needed. I thought about using December to read in advance (Although I'm a major procrastinator so sure it wouldn't happen). Everyone says you will want that time to relax though before you are really stuck in the books. Hopefully the year will just fly by like this one has!