Excelsior student relocation from NY to FL and need some guidance

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm looking to relocate to the Jax and/or surrounding areas sometime next Summer. I have a pre-teen son. I would like to know when should I start looking for nursing jobs? What is the base salary for LPNs vs RNs? I don't mind commuting if necessary.

    What are some nice areas to reside in for a single mom and her child? I like the idea of OP since it has a Mall near by. LOL

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  3. by   happydrunkcat
    New grad RN starts at about $22/hr. LPN - not sure, I think about $17/hr. There almost no jobs at the hospitals for LPN. Only long-term facilities and rehabs. I know Baptist were hiring a couple of years ago, but, again, not regular bedside nursing.
    Areas to live.. well, basically, look at the map, cut Jax in 4 pieces with the center in downtown, and make sure not to buy a house in north-west quarter. Not safe. Orange park is good, but Buckman Bridge can be a problem in a rush hour. I've heard that Mandarin has good schools. As fas as commute, basically, major hospitals are in downtown (Baptist, St-Vincents, and Shands), then some just off 95 - Memorial, St-Lukes, and Baptist-South. Two others are close to the beach area - Mayo (just off JTB), and Baptist-Beach.
    I live between St-Lukes and Memorial hospitals, like the area, close to everything. BTW, next spring - summer I'm planning to sell my house and get out of Jax, back to MN. Cannot wait. So, if you want, you can buy my house, LOL.