Erwin Tech or Brewster Tech LPN 2013

  1. I have been researching both schools for a while and now have the guts to get the ball rolling. Are there any other Floridians hoping to start the LPN programs at one of these schools? Which has the best program?
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  3. by   nhinds2
    I'll be starting the 2013 February Lpn class at Erwin! I think Brewster may have some online school work, I'm not sure what the differences are between the two.
  4. by   FutureRN813
    Thanks nhinds2 for responding. How was the TABE and TEAS along with the application process? What is the approval process (lottery, test scores, first come)? Oh and congrats!
  5. by   nhinds2
    Your welcome and thank you! I did not have to take the TABE because I have an associates degree but I did have to take the TEAS , I bought the ATI study guide and it was very similar, it was easy besides the science part. You need a 60% to pass, I got a 62%. The application process is very easy. It is basically first come basis, they don't go by scores or lottery. They explained to us they will keep letting people take the teas until they think the class will fill. When you get passed all that then you have to attend their mandatory meeting and they will give you the lpn packet to complete and if you complete it you are pretty much guaranteed a spot. Try not to wait until the last minute to take the TABE and TEAS test.
  6. by   LinnyMouse
    I am also looking into both Erwin and Brewster for 2013! Brewster starts in June 2013 and it looks like the Erwin classes start in August and September of 2013. Erwin night class is 18 months. Not sure if I will choose Brewster day program or Erwin night program! Best of luck with picking a school!
  7. by   FutureRN813
    Linny, have you decided which program you are going to apply to yet?

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  8. by   jmichaud05
    Hello!! I'm looking into Erwin Aug 2013 evening classes! I purchase the ATI guide!! Schedule to take test next month!! 😃
  9. by   FutureRN813
    J, where did you purchase your ATI study guide?

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  10. by   jmichaud05
    From ATI testing website
  11. by   jmichaud05
    I heard Erwin is better no waiting list vs Brewster!! When do you plan on taking TEAs Test? @ FutureRN813!!
  12. by   FutureRN813
    I was thinking about scheduling the TEAS for the March 23 test date.

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  13. by   jmichaud05
    Me too!!! Have you been studying?
  14. by   FutureRN813
    No, not at all. I think I'm going to purchase the ATI study guide either this week or next. I will be so happy when all of this is over with. I am ready to get the ball rolling.

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