Does everyone get into Valencia nursing program?

  1. Assuming you have met all their requirements, do you get in? I got a 85.3% on my TEAS but my GPA is going to hurt me. It's somewhere around a 3.0. I feel like I won't get in any where with that. Also, I am a guy, I don't know if that makes any difference since most nursing students are females. I am getting really discouraged reading all these threads saying the average GPA is around 3.5-3.6 to even get in.
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  3. by   atyrell
    Yes you do, but they put you on the waiting list. To be accepted you have to have a 2.5 and I think a 68 on the teas. Right now they are accepting applications for spring 2015!
  4. by   Katsmeow
    Agree with above poster. As long as you met the minimum gpa and teas and attend an information session you will be placed on a wait list.
  5. by   nursepractioner2be
    The only thing if you get accepted @ Valencia just expect to start at least one or two semester early. They will tell you that you are on the list for 2015, but you will be called early guarantee. Good luck.
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    If you receive the option to start early, how does Valencia contact you? And how early can you expect to receive the option to start early? 2 months before the semester starts?? Thanks!
  7. by   atyrell
    I got accepted two semesters earlier. They emailed me through my atlas account, and it was about two weeks before orientation. Orientation was on the 22nd of March and class starts early May.
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    wow! that's great! I was accepted into Summer 2014 so hopefully they will email me to start in August. Thanks for the reply and good luck
  9. by   BeTheLight1145
    wow! Thats gives me some hope! I have a 3.77 overall gpa and 4.0 pre req but a weak teas scores! I am going to apply to concurrent in september but I have already applied to valencia. Havent heard anything back yet. Im really hoping I can start early !! Do you mind sharing your stats please? Thanks! Congrats and God Bless!
  10. by   atyrell
    You should retake your teas and go for the UCF nursing program you are very competitive!!
  11. by   BeTheLight1145
    I actually calculated very wrong. After this semester is over and achieving all As my GPA will be 3.60. Stupid credit hours! I am however planning to retake TEAS and apply for SSC concurrent in September and if I dont get accepted- ill keep applying when the windows open next year! Im bummed. Thank you for your support though!
  12. by   BeTheLight1145
    I emailed them and asked them if they accept students earlier? I finally got a reply back and said that they do that if they have open spots available, and that it is not based on GPA or TEAS scores. Is this true? Did they give you a reason as to why the accepted you to start early? Thanks in advance! Congrats on getting accepted sooner!
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    Yes they accept students earlier and it is only based on when you applied to the program..basically where you stand on the wait list. They will tell you what number you are on the wait list if you email them and ask. Normally you start a semester early and two semesters if you are lucky!
  14. by   ciaomaria
    Hi Kristin I am new to this site. I applied to Valencia's AS program in the beginning of March. Have you been accepted?