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Assuming you have met all their requirements, do you get in? I got a 85.3% on my TEAS but my GPA is going to hurt me. It's somewhere around a 3.0. I feel like I won't get in any where with that.... Read More

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    Yes I have been accepted my original start date was may 2014 but I will be starting this fall 2013
  2. by   ciaomaria
    When did you apply and when did you get your acceptance letter?
  3. by   Medallo
    You can get in to valencia the problem is will you pass and graduate program is extremely hard and horrible the way they grade is crazy you start with 120ppl and that graduate and go through the program just half make it ...good luck all u do is study
  4. by   Nursing2015
    Valencia's nursing program has recently gone through some changes as it relates to its admission process. Effective 8/25 the following was changed:

    New Application Requirements:
    Minimum overall college GPA (including transfer coursework) will be 3.2.
    Minimum overall GPA in the science prerequisites (Anatomy & Physiology I and II and Microbiology) will be 3.0.
    Minimum overall GPA in the other nursing prerequisites (PSY2012, DEP2004, ENC1101, HUN2202, and Humanities) will be 3.2.

    You can see the info at Health Sciences - Valencia College and contact the school directly for more info.