Death and Dieing?!?!?!? Can you help?

  1. for one of my nursing classes we have to do a skit about death and dieing. since i do not know a lot about hospice and i have not seen many peoples reactions to this situation do you think you can help?????

    here is the situation:

    there is a woman who is in her late 40's and her breast cancer has metastasized and it is all over her body. this is the 3rd time she has had cancer. the 1st time she had beast cancer 2 years ago and the removed 1 breast and they thought that they got it all. she went through all of the chemo and radiation therapy and everything else that goes with it. then about a year later they found more in her other breast. so she had to go through the whole thing again. now six months later it metastasized and it is all over she is in a lot of pain and wants to die.

    here is the dilemma: her husband is fine with her dieing he has lived with her for years and wants to see her go peacefully. her sister has the same opinion.

    now her mother and the woman's daughter do not want her to die ... the mother does not want to outlive her child and the woman's daughter cant bear to see her mother die. (daughter is in mid 20's i was thinking of saying she is pregnant with her 1st child and is due any day or something like that and she wants her mother to see her baby)

    [font='times new roman']can you help with any pointers ????
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