Daytona Beach Community College ADN

  1. I am applying in September. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what my chances are of getting accepted for Spring 07. I have all the pre-reqs done and all the co-reqs except one. I guess it's not really possible to tell, but I really do hope its no later than Fall 07.

    I was also wondering what kind of NET practice book you used to prepare. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Soon2BNurse2006
    Hi Heart464.. I just completed the LPN program @ DBCC and I'm applying for the bridge to RN in Sept.... Mrs. Miles (Who is in charge of the Nursing Dept@DBCC) has said that the wait is anywhere between 1-2 yrs for the ADN program. However, if you have all of your pre- reqs done you will be chosen over the applicants who do not. I would venture to say that you will most likely get a seat in the Fall 07 or Spring 08 class. Alot of people change thier minds when they apply and the wait is so long. They have also added to the number of seats they have so you might get called earlier. The bookstore @ DBCC has a book they sell for the Net Exam. I bought it and it was pretty good.... Good luck...
  4. by   Migrant_Renal_RN
    I saw the DBCC and had to reply. Any interest in dialysis nursing? I am nurse manager with a DaVita Clinic on Clyde Morris, and would love to get some new blood into our clinic. We will train you from the ground up, and when you get accepeted into the nursing program, we can work with your schedule. It is hard work, but very rewarding. Good Luck
  5. by   Heart464
    Thanks for the reply, Soon2BNurse2006. I've heard the NET exam isn't very difficult, but I feel a lot better studying from a guide. Migrant_Rental_RN, who would I contact if I was interested in more information for dialysis nursing?