Chamberlain College of Nursing

  1. Is anyone looking at Chamberlain College of Nursing? They are just opening in Jacksonville with the first class to start in July. I went the open house last week and really liked the instructors plus they have all brand new facilities. They only offer the BSN and you can either transfer in your pre-reqs or they have you take them through DeVry who they are affiliated with. The complete program takes 3 years so I am hoping to knock a year off with having the pre-reqs done.

    Just wondered if anyone else was leaning in that direction.
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  3. by   Moreninha
    Yes, I'm acually going to go to the open house on June 6th. THey have thesame accreditation as FCCJ, do u have to take the NAt with them as well?
  4. by   julwh
    They have something called the A2 Assessment test - I took a sample that had math and comprehension on it. I have an appointment with a counselor tomorrow to talk with them more. My other choice I am looking at is Remington in Lake Mary where they have the accelerated BSN - I already have bachelors in Information Systems.
  5. by   Moreninha
    I think UNF also has the accelerate BSN
  6. by   julwh
    I looked at the accelerated thru UNF but they required some more pre-reqs that I didn't have so I decided against them.

    I went to Chamberlain today and went through the admissions process. I am about 95% certain that I will be applying next week for the July 6th start date.

    Let me know what you think about the school after your open house!
  7. by   waitingtobeanurse
    I went to see and admission advisor. The thing that sort of set me back is as far as all the Universities in Florida and Ga. are concerned I have completed all my core prerequisites which should put me at only taking nursing courses. Under Chamberalin you are required to take yet another humanities as well as an Economics class . UNF and JU does not require these classes, with them requiring 2 humanities, college algebra and statistics. Then I was told that the registration counselor will go through my transcript to see what they are willing to accept. I refuse to take classes over that I have passed and paid for already. I understand they are a business also and the more classes you take from them the better it is for them (money wise), but you will come out cheaper taking these extra classes at FCCJ. I asked why they are so expensive and I was told its because the are a private college, well so is JU and they are much cheaper. So I am indecisive.
  8. by   julwh
    I do agree that it is much cheaper at other schools - I guess it depends on whether you got accepted to the other programs and if not, are you willing to wait to apply again next year?

    When I spoke with admissions, they encouraged me to take the extra classes at FCCJ if I preferred and reapply for the March 2010 openings if I wanted. I am on the fence a little too but I really just want to start school as soon as possible. I already have a bachelors degree so I have all of their general ed requirements except for 2 things. They told they will be starting nursing classes in July for people who have their A&Ps and Microbiology done.

    Good luck with your decision. Keep us posted!!
  9. by   waitingtobeanurse
    I have been excepted at both UNF and JU, but I will have to wait since I am a transfer student. Besides taking the unnecessary humanities and economics class, my only other issue is they are really unable to tell knowingly if they will be excepting transfer classes from FCCJ, like all other colleges and universities here in Fl. Eventhough they are private as mentioned before so is JU, and they have no problems excepting all classes from FCCJ. I was offered to enroll for the July class at Chamberlain but I am still on the fence, until I am certain what they will be transferring.
  10. by   hgerun5
    When do they stop accepting people for the july term?? I have my pre reqs too so hopefully they accept them.
  11. by   julwh
    I think since this is their first class, they will take applications right up until the start of the semester.
  12. by   hgerun5
    do you know how many people they accept
  13. by   julwh
    They told me it was something like 100 per year and they have three starting dates. I know they have not filled all of the spots yet as of last week when I was there.
  14. by   NSchoolAgain
    Is the tuition real expensive or comparative to the private college JU? I've heard the radio ads about Chanberlain but haven't looked it up on the internet yet.