Can a British nurse make up hours in the US?

  1. I have just received notification from the Florida BON informing me that I am short some hours and will need to make these up in order to qualifiy to sit the NCLEX.

    Basically I am short approx 7.5 hours each in clinical Peads, Obstetrics and Psychiatrics and 10 hours short in theory in each of the above.

    I would prefer to complete these hours in Florida (South West) and just wondered if anyone knew if this was possible.

    Also I was told by someone that it is possible to make up the theory hours on line by some way of distant learning?

    I would appreciate any advice.

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  3. by   Determination

    I stumbled across your post on google - by any chance did you find out where you could make these hours up from?

    I'm trying to find out the exact thing. I will be a RMN shortly and I know I'm missing probably what you're missing minus the psych bit. I'm assuming your a RGN?

    Believe or not I also want to go Florida.
  4. by   eternalsunshine
    Hi, I have PM'd you