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  1. Hi everyone! I am a newbie here on this site, and i find the site very interesting, and i learned a lot from every thread of all members here. Anyways, i live right now in Fort Myers,Florida thru Fiance' Visa( I have working permit). I came from Philippines, and I graduated BS Nursing recently. I brought my credentials here with me, and I am planning to evaluate first my credentials of which is mandatory here i guess,and after that I am planning to take NCLEX for my licensure to become RN.

    Moreover, I do hope someone can enlighten me. I have some questions to ask, here it is:

    > If I pass the NCLEX, and find job then, the hospitals here provide
    training? I know we have different system of care way back in
    Philippines compare here.

    > What If i didnt pass the NCLEX, do I have a chance to work in any
    hospital here?, and what would be the category of my work? ...I
    need to work honestly.

    > What is usually the per-hour rate of a newly grad w/o experience? (Thats me!)

    Hope anybody can help me out with my confusion. And hope I am welcome here. Just need to get ideas only. Thanks and God bless.
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