Brandon Hospital vs. Lakeland Regional

  1. Does anyone have any insight on HCA Brandon Hospital and Lakeland Regional a county hospital. I am relocating and looking at both and would like to know if anyone knows which would be a better choice as an RN and why.
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  3. by   motyandproudofit
    I don't know anything about the hospitals but I used to live in both Brandon and Lakeland. I did not like living in Brandon because it is extremely crowded. It would take me 20 minutes to drive to the grocery store that was just down the street. I worked in Tampa which you would think would be the busy city, but Tampa was easy to drive compared to Brandon. I never heard anything bad about either hospital. I would say I heard more good about LRMC. When I lived in Lakeland, I remember that LRMC many times was not able to take any more patients because it was filled up.
  4. by   FLOBRN
    Just a quick comment. Brandon is an HCA hospital, company not particularly known for being nurse friendly but I have not ever worked there.
    LRMC is NOT a county hospital - they are for profit and in fact just received another across the board raise. They are "organized". Very busy place.
    I work in Winter Haven, not organized. We are pretty busy, not for profit and just received our Magnet designation a couple of months ago which LRMC and Brandon - as far as I am aware do not have.
  5. by   Boog'sCRRN246
    LRMC is a private, NON-profit hospital. It also is consistently awarded one of the Best Places to Work award...if that means anything.
  6. by   returning nurse
    Thanks for all the info. I am looking for a good place to work!
  7. by   Bean79
    Personally I loved living in the Brandon area. Yes it is crowded, but I found traffic to be a major improvement compared to when I was living in Tampa. On another note, I used to travel to lakeland for work (watson clinic) and know LRMC is a great hospital. These are located next to each other and we had a great relationship with the hospital. I am not too familiar with Brandon Regional (except going there as a patient) so I cant really give an opinion. Good Luck