Brand new, pre-nursing looking for advice on route to MSN

  1. Hi,
    I am currently completing my prerequisites for the nursing program at FKCC. I am looking for ways to get a jump on my RN to BSN and to MSN programs. For instance to get my ASN at FKCC I'm not required to take Statistics so I plan on taking the CLEP since I know it is a requirement for BSN/MSN program admittance.
    I am extremely motivated, a great test taker and quick learner. I understand that experience is of course the best teacher so I want to quit my job and be employed at my local hospital while in school.But I have so many questions!
    1. What type of job should I apply for in the medical field with absolutely no prior experience?
    2. What other classes are available to CLEP/ take online that can get me closer to my goals?
    3. What is the best online BSN program that will help me towards an MSN? I'd like to go into teaching one day as that's my current role. Also very interested in Anesthetist, Flight, Trauma and Travel Nursing.
    For instance, I've read about CGU and Their RN to BSN program online. It is only pass/fail which leaves you with a 3.0 to compete for graduate spaces and I'd prefer to earn hard grades.
    4. Which FL school should I be gearing towards for my MSN? I'll do BSN online so I can stay here in Key West but I'm afraid I'll have to move for school at some point
    5. Once I'm a licensed RN are there any certificates or specialties that I can do to improve my knowledge and experience in order to make me a better candidate for both educational and employment opportunities?
    Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
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