Applying for USF Nursing eventually, advice on getting in?

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    I am an 18 year old freshman that goes to school in Mississippi. I am orginally from Tampa, Florida and am transfering back next year. Recently I have been looking into the nursing program at USF and really want to get in... Any particular advice? My GPA is great, 4.0 first semester, but what does it usually take to get in? I know USF has a really good program. The problem is the extra things I need, like experience, etc. I play on the Woman's Golf Team, and my time is VERY limited with activities outside of Golf and school. What could I do over the summer etc for experience? Any advice on getting accepted the first time? I should finish my pre recs the first semester of next year....

    Thanks!!! :heartbeat
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  3. by   deleon
    Last semester the acceptance process at USF has changed. It use to place a heavy emphasis on GPA. Meaning you were pretty guaranteed a spot with you GPA. The admission office now places a heavy emphasis on volunteer experience and the writing sample. I would recommend volunteering at a local hospital/clinic or getting your CNA license. Your golf experience also works in your favor because it shows you have great time managment. I know your time is limited but if you can fit in a few hours volunteering/working at hospital, it would greatly improve your chances of getting into USF's program. GPA still plays a deciding factor, but many people with high GPA (3.9) didnt get accepted this summer because they lacked experience or wrote a poor personal statement. Hope this helps
  4. by   nurseprofile123
    Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer! Get as much healthcare experience as you can! Your perfect GPA will help you a lot, but you can make yourself into an even better candidate by improving your resume. Perhaps join a nursing or medical-related group at your school?
    Best of luck!