Anyone applying for CFCC LPN program this fall? - page 2

I spoke with the advisor this past week and I am all set to turn in my application packet (in August). Just wondering if there was anyone else getting ready too!... Read More

  1. by   ahk1986
    Taylor College LPN program was awsome, and the NCLEX boards were easy. I am bridging up to my RN at this school in September. You do not need to complete pre-requisites before applying, its great.
  2. by   DYLAN3
    I attended Taylor College and before i started i compared it to other programs, i knew from the very first week this was the college for me. It was challenging but when i took my NCLEX boards it was apparent that they taught me and my classmates what we needed to be successful. I had instructors that i can say showed each of us that they cared about our success. I recommend this college to anyone. Also they now offer a weekend only LPN -RN program, so if you are an LPN and want to bridge to an RN go there they are the only college in central Florida that offers a seperate licensed LPN-RN bridge program.