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Hello, I was just accepted into the program at Rasmussen College and I wanted to know a little more about their program from other students.... Read More

  1. by   Bgriffith36
    Hello. I am currently looking into Rasmussen myself, Fort Myers Campus. I am attending the nursing information session next Friday.
    For those who are already attending, what is required for admission? The person I spoke to on the phone said there are no pre req's which surprised me. I also wanted to see what I can expect tuition wise.

    While I am attending this info session next Friday, I would love to have info before I go!

    Have great Day!
  2. by   brooklynnatty
    I am in Ft Myers, FL and considering Rasmussen for the Associate in Nursing. I am already an LPN and have been doing research on Rasmussen so far everything seems ok. Does anyone have anything to add, good or bad? I need all the information I can get. Please help! Thank you
  3. by   lilinursestudent
    i am a current nursing student in rasmussen college fort myers campus; i love it! the program is in 8 quarter sessions- 11 weeks each. because i am already an lpn i will be finishing in 6 quarters. they need lpns right now; they only have 3. they need 6 lpns at least to start lpn-rn classes and clinicals this april 2011 pretty much .
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  4. by   Cindylyn
    I begin my LPN at Rasmussen next week and I am very excited. I have checked out many colleges in my area and most are either a long waiting period to be accepted or don't give you much education. I am very happy with my decision.
  5. by   flstfan
    Just wanted to follow up with any Rasmussen RN students or graduates. I begin Jan 3, 12 and want to see if any other new students will be starting, or how current students are enjoying the program? I appreciate any feedback!
  6. by   flstfan
    Are you still at Rasmussen and if so is it going well? Thanks. I will be starting Jan 3, 12 and wanted some feedback!
  7. by   flstfan
    How was your experience at Rasmussen? Did you graduate and if so, were you able to find employment through your clinicals? Thanks for any feedback!
  8. by   Cindylyn
    I'm in my 3rd quarter there for LPN. And I still love it. The people there are awesome, I plan on I've branching once completed the LPN. so I won't start the bridge until Dec 2013. What campus are you going to be going to ?
  9. by   flstfan
    Thanks for the feedback. I am going to be at the NPR, FL campus. Where are you at?
  10. by   Cindylyn
    That's were I am! Will only be there on Tues and Thurs this semester. Have 3 onlines 2 clinicals and 1 lab 1 lecture...It's going to be crazy. What days are you going to be there?
  11. by   Cindylyn
    LOL...I see you are excited as you ask alot of questions. That's the attitude to have... and dont be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand something. the instructors are great and they will repeat it or explain it in a different way until you understand it. Which I think is awesome! Just DON'T be afraid to speak up. This is your education and you are paying for it. Our campus in NPR, FL I love I think its great. Will not graduate until Sept of 13' I hear there are plenty of postions available. I plan on bridging over and doing RN not sure if it will be at Rasmussen as it is alittle expensive but I will see what they have to offer when the time comes. Let me know your schedule as you should of confirmed it already. Maybe we can say hey. and I'm here if you need anything.