Any NICU RN's at Winnie Palmer?

  1. I work at a level 3 here in WI and am thinking of relocating to Florida. How are the working conditions, staff/patient ratio, pay etc...
    Any insight would be appreciated
    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   b-girl
    Are you set on moving to Orlando?

    You may want to look into working the NICU at either Miami Children's Hospital or Baptist South Florida.

    The pay and benefits are much better at those locations. Both of those hospitals are also Magnet and do care about their nurses.

    Unfortunately Orlando Regional has little respect for their nurses and nurseatient ratios are poor, pay is little, and benefits are a thumbs down.

    **I have not worked NICU at any of those locations, but I have worked in other units at all three locations and know nurses in the NICU at all those hospitals.
  4. by   nursprl
    Consider the Tampa area. I agree with above poster about ORMC. You feel like your license is on the line.
  5. by   b-girl
    Quote from nursprl
    You feel like your license is on the line.
    that's sad, but true