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Maybe I've had too much time to think about this... I'm starting my CNA class Monday, and I'm concerned-

1- how relatively easy is it after you have your license to get a job? Before thinking about CNA, I'd been trying to find work in my former field (office/administrative assistant), and basically got told that because I had two children in two years, didn't return to each job after having each baby, and that I've stayed home since 2006 (with only the occasional doula client), that I'm not a good candidate for office work. Forget that I have excellent typing speed, I know MS office almost like the back of my hand, etc.

Anyway, point is- I need to be employed ASAP- my husband was laid off, and re-injured his back a week later. He's applying for disability, but we have rent, the lights and water to take care of- it took his dad the better part of 6 months to get approved for coverage.

2- Can I call Prometric (the state's testing company) and schedule my test now? I've read (here on the boards and in other places) that it could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months before they get you a scheduled date to test. 2 weeks I can do; 3 months, no way.

3- anyone start work as a CNA, and go back for Phlebotomy and EKG to be a PCT? There's a PCT at a really good Maternity ward I want to get in at... How did it work out for you? I'm attending Florida Med Prep for my CNA, but I'm looking at going to Reeds for Phlebotomy and EKG.

Thoughts? Experiences? Am I just being paranoid? I'm on a 10 year plan to get my CNA/PCT, LPN, RN, RN-MSN bridge at Fronteer, and then my post masters to be a Whole Woman ARNP/Midwife. Let me note though- I understand completely that I will more than likely end up at a LTC/ALF as a CNA... it's what I'm willing to do until I can move on.

Thanks all!

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