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  1. I've been reading through the forum and have learned a lot and I was wondering if anyone could possibly send me in the right direction. I'm applying to UC Davis Medical Center and these are the available areas I could start in as a new graduate: Accelerated Access Unit, Ortho/Trauma, Peds ICU/Peds Special Care, Neuroscience, Surgical Unit, Burn Unit, Cardiology Services, Cardiothoracic Step Down. Now if I'm accepted I'm thinking that either the Cardio Step Down or the PICU is a good place to start but does it matter between the two? I would appreciate any help that you could give me. Thanks for your time.
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  3. by   N63AERN
    I am taking it as you are leaning in the direction of becoming a flight nurse and wondering where to start. I do know that most requirements for a flight nurse are at least, 3-5 years of critical care/ICU nursing. I work as a flight nurse, and the company I work for requires 3 years ICU experience. Any certifications you can get during that time would be helpful also. Your CCRN or CEN would also be helpful. Emergency room is ok, but they really want ICU. I would not advise a specialty such as peds/icu. In flight unless you are flying for a company to only pick up children, you will fly ages thru the lifespan. and, most momma's are not easily persuaded to let you fly off with their child without them.
    Hope that helps you, good luck.