Tubing Vs. Cutting airways

  1. What are some of the airway protocols for other Flight Teams.
    I work on a Rotor wing service in Texas:
    You have Three total (EMS+Flight Team) chances to use an ETT. If you fail (and you know we ALL do at times)we use a Combi tube or Cric them (depending on the MOI). I was curious about what was out there.
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  3. by   Medic946RN
    Pretty much the same protocol, except everyone who can intubate, ground medics, flight medics and flight nurses get two attempts. An attempt is anytime the ETT tube passes the lips of the pt. After that it's combi-tube or we use the nu-trake cricothyrotomy device. I prefer the combi-tube to the LMA for the prehospital arena. You know how pt's get jostled in the transport process, the LMA is too easy to dislodge.