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  1. Greetings,

    I am interested in finding out what type of transport equipment is in use by pediatric transport teams (both air{fixed wing} and ground). I am specifically interested in a set-up which will combine vent, monitor, stretcher and isollete. I am currently looking at one model yet does it work in practice? Is the center of gravity too high? What models are "time proven"? Any help would be great!!


    Matt Robertson, RN, CCRN
    Pediatric Intensive Care Transport Team
    Fletcher Allen Health Care
    Burlington, VT
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  3. by   PButler
    Hi Matt,
    I am a flight nurse with Lifeguard Air Transport in ABQ, NM. We use a combined system with Vent, Monitor, O2 and isolette on a sled that slides directly onto our Lifeport bed. It works well but is very heavy. It slides easily from aircraft to ambulance stretcher. We also utilize a similar arrangemet for our helicopter but the stretcher part is modified to load the same way our helicopter stretcher does. We do not have a ground transport program but we use the same Lifeport set-up for ambulance and fixed wing transports.
    By the way, how is FAHC? My wife and I are moving to Burlington, VT next summer. Any advice?
  4. by   nursemt850
    hi matt
    I work in a PICU where we do critical ground transports. One of our pediatric intensivists( DR.Norberg) had a transporter specially made. I even think he patened it.that fits on top of the ems stretcher. it has space for the Propaq montior at the feet and the portable vent on the head of the patient with the O2 and Medical air tanks underneath the whole transported. we use a papoose like system to secure the patient. We only use it for small pediatric patients. depending on size; if too big, we just use the EMS strether.
    if you have any questions write me back