Thoughts on DIMM (Diploma in Mountain Medicine)

  1. Been reading up on the Diploma In Mountain Medicine. Would this give an RN an advantage when it comes to applying for flight jobs? the training seems quite Challenging but also looks like fun. Anyone have a DIMM? if so is it worth the cost and time commitment? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Dobi
    I have not attended the Mountain Medicine course however I have been certified in Wilderness Medicine. Additional education will never hurt a resume when applying in a competitive market. I do not think it will help you unless the program you are applying for performs those skills. The majority of flight programs do not perform winch operations or SAR. SAR and para-rescue type evacuations are performed by the military or specialized rescue personnel. I would concentrate on ICU training and Paramedic education.
  4. by   Leno182
    Thank you Dobi! I figured most companies don't do these things but I am interested even just for my own knowledge base. I'm an avid outdoors man and think i will really enjoy it! How did you like your wilderness medicine class? Beneficial just as a nurse?
  5. by   Dobi
    I took the Wilderness EMT upgrade. The course was lots of fun and informative, however it applied very little to my role as a Nurse. I would recommend attending the course if you were interested in volunteering as a member of ski patrol or mountaineering team. In my experience the vast majority of these roles are unpaid and thus I find it hard to justify spending the money on a course. Depending on the area you live I would contact the park service for information on a need for volunteers. They will put you through a class if you agree to give them your time.
  6. by   Leno182
    Yea i understand what you mean, the DIMM program here in New Mexico costs about 6k just in tuition not including travel and lodging. Maybe the money will be better spent on my BSN or EMT-P. I do live up in the mountains in Northern New Mexico so Mountain life is a big part of me, so I am sure I will take it some time for my self, Hoping my organization will help pay for all this though! =)