Monthly education

  1. What is everyone's requirement for education, do you guys have self guided education? We are thinking of starting monthly education where we rotate where a nurse will do a case study and present it each month.
    Do you guys have any thoughts on this?
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  3. by   Dobi
    I think it depends on the state. Some require a curriculum approval to be signed off by the State and endorsed through your EMS system for continuing education approval, verification of site code and contacting the accrediting body. I know the system requires the instructor to be a lead instructor for CE hours. We have a monthly staff meeting with the medical director. During the meeting we do call review, you are able to get CE for chart review. We have a monthly medical/flight education. Per our policy we are required to be physical attendance for 9 of the 12 meetings. We also attend regular system CE as well as Hospital grand rounds. Not sure what your state will allow you to get away with if your looking for category 1 CME for re-licensure. Also need to check with the board certifying bodies to ensure people maintain CFRN/CCRN/CEN and paramedic certs.
  4. by   jeshelby
    We are thinking of starting topic above the required by the system, which here for nurses are quarterly. We are a ground service in Illinois but the education from the company at this point is non existent. Do you have a coordinator where you work? Does everyone participate in the education? Thanks again
  5. by   Dobi
    We do have a coordinator for education who also works as an educator at the local community college so he is able to provide the site codes and satisfy the requirements for AACN/BCEN credit approval. The expectation is that everyone participate however only require 60% attendance for in seat education and 75% attendance meetings if you are a full time employee, less for part timers.

    I have worked for companies that did not like to spend the money for education and can be a hurtle to overcome with management especially if the service is primarily ALS/BLS transports with a small crew designated for critical care. Best bed is to contact the EMS office through your Primary system and talk to them about becoming adjunct educator which would alleviate a lot of your woes. Be warned your company will probably not be willing to pay you for your time.