I know you've seen this post 1000 times, but please help me out. Rate my resume.

  1. I know that you flight nurses must get tired of reading these posts, but it's just because everyone wants to be where you all are. Hopefully when I land a job I will be able to pay it forward and provide some advice to the folks looking for work.

    First of all I live in Alabama, so any state specific information would be GREATLY appreciated!

    BA in unrelated field.

    ADN December of 2011

    Total nursing experience - 4 years

    ED Experience - 3.5 years (BLS, ACLS, CEN)

    Pediatric ED Experience - 1.5 years PRN Lvl 1 Trauma Center (PALS)

    CVICU - 7 months (I recover fresh CABG patients, proficient with IABP, CRRT, Vents, multiple titratable drips, etc.) This is my current position. I plan on working here AT LEAST a year before applying.

    I also plan on sitting for CCRN around August. That would give me two advanced certifications.

    My dream job would be doing scene work rotors. But I would be open to CCT jet transport. I'm a bigger guy, but plan on weighing in under 220lbs by August. I've been following this board and learning all I can to put together a stellar resume since graduating in 2011.

    Any additional certs I'm missing? Thought about TCCN, but I've heard most services value CEN over that one since it includes trauma competencies. Since I'm out of the ED now it would be out of pocket for me to find a class and take that cert. I've also considered getting an EMT-B or EVEN pursing a bridge program to paramedic through Creighton in Nebraska. I've heard that certs without experience behind them aren't really that useful though, and honestly the cost of that program would be pretty tough to work around.

    I just want to make sure I have ALL my i's dotted and t's crossed before applying. There aren't many flight jobs around and I want to put my best foot forward from the start.

    Again any input or advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

    All the best.

    Bonus points to anyone that has any contacts in the Alabama world of flight nursing. I realize it's a small community and would welcome anyone willing to network with me.
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  3. by   RNdynamic
    You need to lose weight. Most flight nursing services require candidate to be weigh under 200 lbs.
  4. by   RNdynamic
    Also, you want to get your BSN. Where I live, flight nursing services require BSN educated nurses.
  5. by   mchesney
    You'd make a very good candidate at my program with just a few things. We require 5 years nursing experience but your mix of ED, ICU, and Peds is perfect. We require all flight nurses to be paramedics but you can be hired with an EMT-B...you'd then have to get the medic within a year but there are bridge programs that make this doable. Getting both your CCRN and CEN would look great. Your weight could be an issue but that depends on the service you hope to work for. I'm 6'3 and 230 and there's a couple of guys bigger than me. We fly an EC155 so it's not really an issue but for other airframes, weight will be an issue. This is for a hospital based service in Michigan. As I'm sure your aware, other programs will have different requirements. Check flightweb.com for job postings if you're willing to relocate. If you have your heart set on a local program go knock on their door and ask questions of the crews. Most are proud of what they do and would likely share info to help you figure out what you'd need for their program. Plus, they'll get to know you which might be beneficial when they have a job opening.