Do I have to have a BSN for my Goals or is an Associates OK, I have my Masters?

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Short Version : Will I miss out on my goals because I earned an Associates RN instead of a BSN?

    I have the choice to attend my community college and earn my RN in an associates program or I could go to a 4 year school and earn a BSN. I'd prefer to purse the community college route because its close to home and cheap(current loans are already high). I have my Bachelors in Accounting from C.S.U. And I just finished my Masters in Biomedical Science (research based thesis which I had to defend - happy thats over).

    My Goals/Areas of interest I would like to pursue and dont want to miss out of because of this dicision : Work my way up to be a Nurse Manager, be a Flight Nurse, or return to my alma mador for CRNA?

    Thank You for your thoughts
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  3. by   edogs334
    you might get a lot more replies to your question on this website:

    I myself am asking the same question. I too have a 4 year degree (pscyhology) and want to be a flight nurse (eventually).
  4. by   Shamira Aizza
    A BSN is not required in most rotor or fixed wing flight programs to become a flight nurse. I was a diploma RN with a BS in another field when I first became a rotor flight nurse. I have since completed another BS in nursing.

    You will not necessarily "miss out on your goals" or be ineligible for a flight nurse position because of a lack of a BSN, but I'd like to encourage you to consider your ADN as a step along the way to obtaining your BSN. Especially if you are interested in management or anesthesia.

    Depending on the flight program, you can be just as qualified as a BSN by obtaining high-speed ICU experience as well as passing CEN, CCRN, and gaining some prehospital certifications and experience.

    I believe our flight program would weigh these items over a BSN who lacked this kind of experience.
  5. by   mommatrauma
    I have my ASN, and I am a flight nurse. I have almost completed credits for a Bachelor's in Biology, however it was put on hold a few years ago to raise my son. I am considering finishing and getting a BSN just because at this point with all my electives being done it will be an easy finish and I'll I'd still have to do is the nursing classes...In my flight service there are alot higher degreed nurses, many are NPs a few NAs and some with BSN or MSN or degrees in other majors. It is highly encouraged to continue our education and pursue higher degrees, however it is not required for the job.