1. Hey anyone with their CFRN, I am wanting to sit for the exam without any previous flight experience. I have 3 years ICU experience however. I am wondering what the best book to read for prep of the exam, and do you think I would pass with that information?
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  3. by   gregemt
    Air & Surface Patient Transport: Principles and Practice is the textbook that goes with the CFRN. It is very comprehensive, but I will warn you that it can be a dry read. A good review is: Back to Basics: Critical Care Transport Certification Review by Orchid Lee Lopez. It is full of good test questions. I am studying for the exam myself and have not taken it yet, but if you study I am sure it is possible that you can pass it. However, the CFRN will be easier with flight experience, especially things like flight operations and physiology.
  4. by   linds28
    Thanks! Are you currently a flight nurse?
  5. by   gregemt
    Yes, just started earlier this year.
  6. by   linds28
    Please let me know how the test goes! I plan on taking it in a few months. I'm joining airforce.
  7. by   linds28
    If you want to pm me please do. I would like to have fellow flight nurses to keep in touch with about work etc.
  8. by   ogerpus
    I used Back to the Basics, Wingfield's book and FAST (Flightbridge) for the CFRN. Good luck.

  9. by   ogerpus
    I used Back to the Basics, Wingfield's book and FAST (Flightbridge) for the CFRN. Good luck.Roger
  10. by   b2bryce
    I really liked the FlightBridgeEd FAST question and answer book. Very similar to Wingfield's book. I listed to a lot of the free podcasts bu Eric Bauer from FlightBridgeEd as well. if you like podcasts then i recommend that one and also the Charlie Swearingin Medicast podcast. Review lots of questions and study the right material. Do not waste time studying IABP waveforms and intricate 12 lead interpretations. Understand IABP's function and complications, understand what II III and aVF mean.

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  11. by   linds28
    Thank you so much for the responses I will continue to study. Right now I am reading ASTNA patient transport principles and practice. Once I finish reading that I plan on trying out a question/answer book and some podcasts as well. Any further advice please post
  12. by   linds28
    Thanks for the advice guys I passed my CFRN !!!
  13. by   Wayno
    Congratulations on passing CFRN linds28! I am beginning to study now. Which study resources did you find most helpful?