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  1. Hello all, I am a 23 year old EMT that works for the FDNY, and I'm also a newly licensed RN currently enrolled online at WGU for my BSN. I want to serve in the Air National Gaurd as s reservist in an RN capacity and I'm curious about what the enlistment steps entail, the pros and cons of military (specifically air Gaurd Nursing) , educational/continuing education opportunities provided by the air national guard to civilian nurses that enlist via direct commission, pay, military benefits/perks, degree/certification requirements, voluntary activation as a reservist, and any other nursing related information pertaining to the ANG. My ultimate goal in the FDNY is to become a firefighter, however I do want to grow clinically and academically as a nurse. The only way I would be able to simultaneously work as a nurse and fireman is if u join the armed forces as the FDNY makes accommodation s for military personnel and veterans. Once I become an APRN I would also love to go back to school to become a Naturopathic Physicisn. But I understand the culture of Western medicine and it may be a stretch for the military ti pay for that or anything non nursing related. Thank you.
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    I might be able to offer some advice with my own experience in the Air Guard. For me it has been an overwhelming positive experience and without a doubt I became a registered nurse because of the military. I have always been an Aerospace Medical Technician (Medic) or 4N0 and have been in this position for 12 years. I am currently in the process of commissioning which sounds like that is your plan.

    One of my Airmen who is also a 4N works a firefighter for his civilian job and in his experience, the commitment has been tough managing both guard drills, training and other military obligations with his firefighting schedule FYI. He is getting out after serving 6 years.

    What are your options for ANG and Reserve bases that you can realistically travel to in your area? Do you know what these bases have for nursing positions and opportunities? Many guard or and reserve units can go up to 110% with their nurses so you may be waiting a while to land a job with these units. For my unit they have been at 110% for nurses for a number years.

    For me, I am dead set on CCAT (Reserves) or flight nursing (ANG) because I want the experience and the deployment opportunities that come with these positions. Both of CCAT and flight nursing have bonus attached to them right now. Our nurses at my unit do not deploy because it is not part of my units mission.

    I was told that every 2.5 years of civilian nursing experience post BSN can add years in time in grade or allow you to put rank on sooner. I have not been able to find the specific regulation, AFI or DODI that states this so I am waiting to hear back from my recruiter.

    Your pay per drill is around 414.00 before taxes per two weekend drill with 0 years in the military as 0-1. Plus your 2 weeks a year or AT days would be around 1400$ before taxes (some states exempt state tax for drills such as my state).

    National Guard

    There are many opportunities in the military both financially and clinically. Serve 20 years and get a pension and healthcare was a big plus for me to stay in and do 20 once I hit the 10 year mark.
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    I believe grade is calculated based on AFI 36-2005. Nurses get credit for 50% of their civilian nursing experience toward TIG, so a nurse with 4 years civilian experience comes in at O-2. That may be where it caps without an MSN too. Also, I'm not 100% sure about a CCATT bonus, unless that's ANG only.
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    Flight nursing and CCATT are both currently critical wartime shortages right now and have bonus of 15 and 20k for accession and retention in the ANG and AF Reserves. You can see both of these under Mypers. Thanks for the AFI, I haven't had time to look it up but that time sounds about right. I was told that those years only count post BSN.
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