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Flexible Nursing Programs in Indiana

I was wondering if anyone knew of any nursing schools in Indiana that are somewhat flexible with their hours? Almost all of the schools that I have checked out are Monday through Friday 8-4 sort of thing. It is hard attending school those hours and working with two kids. I have thought about MedTech but I have not heard too many good things about them. Does anyone know of any other schools or is there anyone who has attended MedTech for the nursing program and had a positive outcome? I would appreciate any input because I would really like to find a school soon!!

Thank you

I considered MedTech and was set up to start in just a few weeks last October, but quickly changed my mind when I seriously sat down and looked at the money involved, the fact that they are not accredited, and last but not least.. watching people come to the first day orientation in wife beater tank tops and PINK sweats (the VS ones, not the color). I switched to Ivy Tech, they have flexible hours, with classes in the evenings and some on saturdays. They are considerably cheaper AND accredited. The biggest catch is that it seems crazy competitive! Now, having said all of that I have a friend I met going to Med Tech for the LPN program and she is doing well. You get what you put into it ;)

I have heard that Ivy Tech's nursing program is difficult to get into, that is what scares me about going there. The flexibility of their classes is nice though. Do you know when you are able to apply for Ivy Tech's nursing program, or do you have to take your prerequisites first? Thank you for your input and good luck!!

*sigh* I made this big ol post, then it got eaten. :sour:

It is competitive, yes. But you can only feel proud of your self if you get in!! You apply for nursing school your last semester then let the gods do what they will. There are 2 years of pre-reqs, but english, psychology and anatomy/psyiology 1 and 2 as well as your TEAS test are taken into account for your acceptance.


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