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flexible cystoscope going to urology floor

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One of my urologist wants a flexible cystoscope on the urology floor for hard cath placements,less traumatic. Also for pulling stents.

My problem is how do I sterilize it and get it back there asap.

Gas takes to long. Steris is ok but how do you maintain sterility.

Cidex ok, same problem. Please tell me if anyone has the same problem and how did you fix it.

FYI. we do not work around the clock so there would not be any staff to reprocess, unless we call a call person in. We can do this, but the above prolem still remains.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Our Urologists would come to the OR for a sterile flexible scope when the need arose. It was then returned to the OR for us to send to SPD for reprocessing. On weekends and at night the floor nurses could get the supplies from SPD and/or the urologist could come to the OR to borrow the scope. They were very good about returning the scope (dirty) to SPD or the OR. Scopes were then reprocessed the following day.

SPD had a urology cart available for the floors, stocked with various catheter supplies; however, we did not own enough flexible scopes to dedicate one to sit on the floor.

I hope this helps,


Many Cystoscopes can be processed in the C1140 Flexible Endoscope Processing Container which allows you to transport the scope sterile but not store the scope. Call STERIS 800-548-4873 & ask for Customer Service.

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