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Flagyl compatibility with D51/2NS

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I had a patient who had D5 1/2 NS running and an order of flagyl piggybacked. I looked to see if the two were compatible in our drug reference page and I didn't see anything regarding the fluids so I called pharmacy. Pharmacy said they weren't aware of any compatibility so they told me to play it safe and run the abx via primary line and to temporarly stop the fluids. I passed this on to the next shift and the nurse told me that since Flagyl is compatible with NS and D5W then its compatible with D5 1/2NS even though it doesn't come out and say it in the reference manual. This doesn't really seem like a legit assumption to me (Idk tho, I'm still new!). I looked into it further and the pH of the fluids and stuff like that is all different. I was just wondering if this would be okay to do moving forward.


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It can be confusing, but Gahart's guide to IV medications state that Flagyl is compatible with NS, D5W and LR.

Wow, those are some highly skilled nursing assessments. I would have notified my Nursing supervisor (ex;charge nurse) or the Doctor rather than contact the pharmacy first. In addition, some clues to compatibility issues between an IV antibiotic and the electrolytes being infused would be to utilize those basic nursing assessment skills.... Check the vital signs, check the insertion site, check with the patient's subjective symptoms. This comes before any changes in urinary output amount, color and/or consistency. Also, as a general rule it is a bit difficult to determine how us fellow nurses on this site should offer advice about compatibility issues of these two substances... One must have a full patient profile to know. I would have to consider the patient's age/demographics (pediatric, older adult, pregnant, etc), whether or not the patient is suffering from any other conditions that could cause a drug interaction, allergies and what other medications-if any- the patient is on. I know that for the safety of your license you would never reveal that information but, just saying. I think you are a a great nurse who has is far from a babynurse.lol Don't be modest. Good job on your prudent nursing skills.