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First Year License Renewal...Yes or No to CEU question

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Okay, so forgive me if this topic has been covered already, but here is my story: I'm a new-ish RN renewing my RN license for the first time after initial licensure (passed the boards June 2017), and now I need to renew for the first time. My question is, when it comes time to actually renew online, what do you say when it asks "Have you completed 30 hours of continuing education?" Do you check yes or no? Someone in another forum here asked this very question, but there were no responses.

The reason I ask this is, in PA, apparently when you're renewing your RN license for the first time, you are exempt from the CEU requirements. That's what we were told in school, and what my preceptors at work have also told me. That's great...however,

I've searched online several times now (here and just googling) and I can't seem to find a definitive answer to my question. YAY that first year renewals are exempt...but how do you answer that one question? Yes? or no?

For the record, I answered "yes" (hoping against hope that my college clinicals would fulfill the CEU requirements if I am to get audited) but I really only answered "yes" because I figured a "no" might flag my application, to be placed in a pile or whatever, and whomever is on the other end (can you tell I have no idea how this works?) could take their time getting around to checking whether I was exempt or not. I might be agonizing overmuch about this, but considering that if my license doesn't get renewed, then I can't work...it's a big deal. To me, anyway.

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